The new shift has been  started  after Trump becoming an  American president.  The surprise winning of Republican candidate considered as bad omen for America from the announcement as next Washington ruler. Actually during  throughout the election campaign he had promised to American bring reforms for new hope in country.

The destiny of the people is in under Trump’s presidential pen.

They elect him themselves they are responsible for his deed dains. A point is that why Americans elect him off course they voted him on the basis of his policies. No doubt they would change their perception about Trump in next election.

The slogan “Make America great again” revolves around America. The question should be raised in which sense they will become great. Let’s discuss in development point of view. Was he not opposite Obama Healthcare programme while the programme most beneficial for common citizen. Would Trump administration bring most beneficial health programme for citizen or they simply do ammendment in health Law.

Would Trump adminsitration do remarkable regarding abortion policy as a huge campaign driven against trump to stop abortion policy beacuse it is inhuman manner to kill new soul.

Donald Trump had said he would withdrawn Paris agreement. The world is under threatening due to huge emission of green house gases. He simply spin saying that ” This is human science”.  His cabinet has withdrawn environment regulations and save million dollars to shift the game. Obviously it can be harmful for external world.

“First American” policy is looking humorous act because a perabolic hight of black and white discrimination has been continuing  for years. He should control first this discrimination. A lot of racis lives in America. He should remove this perception to give them equal rights.

The equation “Make America great again” is not favourable for the world because the new born  administration has withdrawn the developmental accords.

Trump orders ban on  seven muslim countries visas have shaken the world politics inside and outside of the America. Why he wants muslim outside from America or wants throw muslim accused them as illegal, curupt, not fit for America or involve in heneous crime why? They are living there years a years and contributing in American progress. 

The degree of criticism was unmeasureable of his order. However, the court disapprove his order.

I think Trump resume office  very first day order draw a ghost of uncertanity. He starts throw playcards in the sense of economic shift. To fulfilling his promise he came to power and announced early to make a wall alonside Mexico Border. It can be big deal for labour force if wall once make. In case of border wall not happen to make then how would he control economic pull out from there?  How would he provide economic opportunities to labour force?

Besides this he also has withdrawn TTP. What will happen  to their economies.  (Twelve neighbouring coutries) How much danger  for the withdrawn of world trade organization. Is he started new era of shifting economy chess game?

Have Americans elect Trump for this new kind of economic game. Because these treaties were making healthy economy for the world.

He changed the economy game masterly while on other side of the ground he was giving a good gesture to Russia and China for welcoming new game.

Trump bows towards Russia during his election campaign praising Putin.  What kind of relations would established between Mosco and Washington? As he said ” It could be Russia” “It could be China” or someone else. In a lot of interviews he was saying same statement. A posture for close friendly in future maybe with Russia because at that time  American high officials were saying that the Russian behind the hacking.

Why trump going outside the way of his foriegn policy. He is every inch going opposite at any stance. It can be seen a new anti trump campaign  on social media giving title him as “Act of Hate”  and “Reign Period”.

It is looking strange his cabinet cuts current  fiscal budget except investing on development purposes they enhancing military assessment around $54 billion. This act of intention ringing for new war in the world.

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