By Wasif Kazmi

Lahore: University of Central Punjab (UCP) Department of Media and Communication Studies organised a seminar titled “Quality of Media content, role of regulators, media professionals and owners” here on Monday.

On the occasion, speakers motivated the students citing the quality and ethical Journalism practiced by Molana Zafar Ali Khan, Hameed Nizami and Majeed Nizami.

Saleem Bukhari editor the daily Nation, Faculty Dean  Dr Mughees-u- din  Sheikh,  analyst Salman Abid and Neo News Director  Muhammad Usman were also present.

Saleem Bukhari said that the print media’s content is a more authentic proof while electronic media’s content can not be review. He said the print media is more responsible for a single word which publish in newspapers than electronic media.

To a question Saleem said that to practice the ethical Journalism, PFUJ, CPNE, APNS and other journalsit bodies to set up ideal code of ethics themselves. He further said that government should not be allowed to make reforms and amendments in journalism.

Senior analyst Salman Abid expressed his views, “media owners have vested interest and spin around  political situation mostly” he said. He added that the meltdown content quality of electronic media is damage our behavior and tolerance. He pointed out that the rating points of the programs has stay away from social issues. The media owners should follow the gate keeping policy to provide quality content and can make accountable the wrong doing in both media.

The reporter should must learn about national interest and understand  foreign​ policy of the country.

“We ignoring Development Journalism and street journalism which have great impact to highlight the issues” he remarked. “State should pay it’s role to make quality Journalism” he concluded.

Muhammad Usman and Dr Mughees-u- Din were also addressed.

On the occasion, a number of students were also present and a question answer session was also helpful for students to understand issues.

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